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How to organize your wardrobe

Updated: Sep 28, 2019

Double Rods- these hanging rods that hook over an existing rail are a great way

to double your closet storage space

Valet Hooks- Install a pull out rod outside your closet to hang tomorrow’s outfit or

clothes that are ready for dry cleaning

Wooden/Plastic Hangers- use these in place of wire hangers to maintain the

shape of your clothes

Baskets- Place all of your purses and wallets in baskets so that they are easily

accessible and ready to use

Hooked Hanger- Use this to store all of your belts

Boxes- Place jewellery in small boxes housed inside a larger box

Shoe Bags- Use one that is the height of your closet or opt for a shorter one that

fits on a double rod

Shoes on the Door- Utilize this handy storage device to hang shoes and purses

Shoes on the Floor- Use a slanted platform so that you can get a better view of

your shoes

Clear Storage Boxes- Use these plastic pull outs to store shoes, underwear or

clothing. They offer great visibility and accessibility

Canvas Bags- Add shelving in your closet with this handy storage solution

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